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The best basement flooring options

The basement in your home can be turned into a place to serve as your home entertainment room, a private office, or merely a new living quarter where you can hang out with family and friends. There are many instances where home builders will leave a basement unfinished, and this leaves the homeowner with the duty of fixing up their basement and transform it into whatever they see fit.

So, whether you have an unfinished basement or are planning on updating the looks of your existing one, the success of your basement renovation project begins by choosing the right flooring options for the basement. Some of our favorite basement flooring options are discussed below-

Hardwood basement flooring options

Perhaps the easiest and most recognizable type of basement flooring that you can go with is the hardwood-based flooring. These are more commonly used in basements where you want to turn it into a home office, or simply want to add an extra living room to your home.

Using hardwood in your basement does pose some issues and problems of its own. Your biggest issue may be moisture. You want to make sure that there are no leaks and that excess amounts of moisture coming into the basement are taken care of beforehand. Because of this, a hardwood floor for your basement is better suited for areas where it is warmer and less prone to a high level of humidity and moisture.


Carpet basement flooring option

If you want to make your basement a cozy place for gathering your friends or simply convert the area for a small office, carpet flooring would be the best option for you. You can install Empire carpet to get the ultimate longevity and uniqueness in the whole look in your basement area.

Not only for the basement, but carpet flooring is also a good option of flooring in the staircase or corridor area.

Basement vinyl flooring options

If moisture is of a concern, then perhaps the vinyl flooring for your basement might be a much better choice. These types of flooring are designed to be easy to install and highly cost-effective. Furthermore, vinyl flooring for your basement can also come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and texture.

There are even some that allow you to have a very similar color and texture as those found in high-end hardwood flooring. The biggest downside to having basement vinyl flooring is that they can be damaged quite easily if handled roughly.

So, these are some standard basement flooring options one can consider. 
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